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BIONEXT S.A. is a young and innovative company in biotechnologies currently devoted to the development of high-quality bioinformatic and chemoinformatic products. Our solutions are aimed to help in the functional characterisation of molecules in cellular contexts, in particular by providing a new generation of virtual screening tools.
The unique ability of BIONEXT to perform high quality virtual screening of molecular regions allows to revolutionize some aspects of the drug development.
Our solutions helps dramatically decrease development time and increase efficacy of compounds, with the aim to:
  • Better understand molecular mechanisms and system biology
  • Identify and characterize molecular targets and compounds
  • Identify and characterize some of the molecular causes of toxicity
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    BIONEXT S.A. - Paris
    35, avenue du General Leclerc
    92100 Boulogne Billancourt - France

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    + 33 1 46 21 14 81
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